This document will provide step-by-step guidance on how to export your address book from Outlook 2013. This exported file can then be imported into your novnos Webmail client.  For Outlook 2010 Click here.

1.  In Outlook 2013 click File > Open & Export > Import/Export. This starts the Import/Export wizard.

open and export option

2.  In the Import and Export Wizard, choose Export to a file, then click Next.

Export to file selection

3  Under Create a file of type, select Comma Separated Values, then click Next.

comma separated values selection

4.  Under Select the folder to export from: select the Contacts folder you want to export, then click Next.

contacts selection

5.  Under Save exported file as: click Browse, and select the location you want to save the file for future use.

browsing selection

6.  Type a descriptive name in the File name: box (e.g., backup), then click OK.

file name save option

7.  In the Export to a File window, click Finish and you are done.

Finish button selection

8.  You also have the option to select which information should and should not be included in this file by clicking on Map Custom Fields … .

Map Custom Fields button

9.  From here you can simply drag and drop values in the appropriate field. When you are finished click OK.

Map Custom Fields screen

When the Import and Export Progress box disappears, your export is complete.

You have now exported your contacts to a file (backup.csv) that will allow you to import your address book into your novnos Webmail client.

Important: For those who use contact groups, please be aware that the individual contacts of your address book will be included in the export but your contact groups will not. If you use contact groups, please make a note of them prior to migrating so that you can more easily re-create them in your novnos Webmail.