novnos, as a previous Talkswitch Partner, is excited to be able to carry on with the FortiVoice product line. Combined with novnos’ iCARe and iTech services we can have you up an running very quickly and fully supported as required.

Award-winning telephone systems for small offices.

FortiVoice phone systems and products are designed and manufactured by Fortinet, Inc. for companies, home-based businesses, institutions and franchises with up to 400 phones per location.

ForiVoice knows that in small and medium business, every call counts. So it has always loaded its phones and systems with powerful, flexible features that help companies sound professional and stay connected with customers, partners and suppliers. FortiVoice also knows that small businesses are experts in what they do, not in running telephone systems. That’s why all of FortiVoice products are easy to understand, easy to use and easy to afford. novnos is here to help you with any of your support requirements.

FortiVoice IP PBX phone systems and phones are built to improve your image, control your costs and keep your business connected everywhere. Fortinet has sold more than 100,000 products, which answer millions of calls in small offices around the world.


FortiCall services were designed specifically for FortiVoice phone systems*. Affordable and reliable, FortiCall is the best way to connect your phone system. FortiCall lines give you unlimited calling in the continental US (excluding Alaska) and Canada (excluding NWT) for only $24.95 per line. Toll-free numbers and international calling also available.

*FortiCall services work with FortiVoice FVC 40, 70 and 100 systems and VoIP-enabled TalkSwitch systems.