novnos by Zimbra provides end users with a feature-rich browser-based experience that enables them to seamlessly and securely connect to their personal clouds on any device or platform. Zimbra’s smarter mailbox helps manage information and activity across their email, voice, social, calendar, address book, tasks and enterprise applications.

Zimbra offers anywhere access, both online and offline, and synchs across multiple devices and smartphones (Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows), while maintaining compatibility with all existing desktop email and calendar clients. The novnos hosted solution provides addtional strong anti-virus, integrated Challenge/Response anti-spam and secure large attachment capabilities.

Zimbra Collaboration Server offers solutions to many common pain points with innovative features for end-users. In addition, Zimbra’s high scalability and less administration time (33% less than Microsoft Exchange), enables IT to manage email and collaboration with fewer resources, lower costs and less risk—in the Cloud or on-premises.

*Challenges with Existing solutions

Email (POP / IMAP) server only

* No desktop or mobile sync
* No backup and restore
* No group calendars or shared address lists

Legacy email and collaboration platform (Exchange, etc)

* High cost
* Administration is complex and time consuming
* Windows-centricity

Zimbra Collaboration Server benefits

ZCS offers a full-featured email, calendar and collaboration solution that enables end-users to securely and seamlessly connect to their personal clouds.

novnos hosted Zimbra solution features full enterprise-class administration capabilities plus mobile and desktop sync. And has added benefits of strong anti-virus, built-in Challenge/Response anti-spam, and integrated iSEnT – the ability to send securely up to 2Gb file attachments.

Zimbra’s innovative AJAX experience puts Windows, Mac and Linux end-users at complete feature parity. ZCS is based on highly scalable open source technology that provides simplified, web-based administration tools that reduce maintenance and support costs. ZCS runs on Linux or Mac OS X commodity servers.

Zimbra’s Innovative End-User Experience

Zimbra provides a feature-rich experience on all major platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux), online through a web browser and offline with Zimbra Desktop. Zimbra’s streamlined browser-based interface provides natural conversation, enables rich composed cut and paste, provides sophisticated and easy to customize filters. Users can easily manage and search large inboxes of email and voicemail messages, multiple calendars, numerous contacts and task lists. novnos hosted solution provides all of the feature-rich experience and has the added benefits of strong anti-virus, built-in Challenge/Response anti-spam, and integrated iSEnT – the ability to send securely up to 2Gb file attachments.

A smarter way to work

Zimbra connects users to their personal cloud with a smarter mailbox that integrates email, calendar, voice, tasks, address book, calendar and enterprise applications.

Work anywhere

Zimbra offers a rich browser-based experience for email, contacts, calendar and files accessible on any xHTML-capable device.

Complete mobility

Synchronization to iOS (iPhone, iPad), Windows and Android-based smart phones and tablets. Use any BlackBerry smartphone via Zimbra Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). Zimbra also syncs with Outlook, Thunderbird and any other standards based clients that support POP/IMAP and iCal/CalDAV.

Unified communications

Out-of-the-box integration with Cisco and Mitel for click-to-call, visual voicemail, call record history, presence and instant messaging. Also easily connects to other unified communications solutions through open APIs.

Zimbra Cuts Administrators Some Slack

Zimbra has an easy-to-use web-based administration console enabling administrators to securely access the application anywhere, anytime and easily manage access and policies for diverse sets of users. Zimbra also empowers end-users through end-user self-service administration, reducing IT overhead for end-user administration and support and increasing end-user satisfaction.


Migration tools, clustering, full backup and restore, extensive command line interface (CLI) and AJAX Admin Console give more security and span-of-control.

Works with existing infrastructure

Integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Active Directory and Exchange for split deployments or gradual migrations.

Cost effective

Zimbra supports both multi-tenancy, as well as hierarchical storage management that optimizes storage costs through tiered storage. Zimbra’s simple web-based administration reduces maintenance and support overhead.

Open and extensible

APIs to customize ZCS and integrate with other enterprise applications via web services; standards-based data formats and message storage mean no lock-in.

Choose on-site or hosted deployment

Zimbra has multi-tenancy and flexible class-of-service (CoS)- Zimbra can be run on-premises or hosted (novnos is a experienced hosted email partner who can manage your deployment).