Some customers and users may be concerned that we are secretly collecting all email addresses of customers and of people registering for permissions in response to a request from a novnos user.

We want to assure both our novnos users and people who are attempting to send messages to novnos users that novnos has the greatest respect for individual privacy rights. We believe your personal data belongs to you, not to us, or anyone else.

If you have been asked to supply information about yourself in response to your attempting to send an email to a novnos user for the first time, be assured that we do not store that information or use it for any purpose other than to securely forward your information to the novnos user who you are trying contact. Once our servers have forwarded a registration request to a novnos user, the sender’s email address is erased immediately.

In particular, novnos does not retain any information for marketing purposes nor are any mailing lists created from the information.

We do recognize that if an individual user chooses not to believe us, there’s very little we can do about it. We hope however that our users can recognize that there are real people in our company whose motivation is to help protect privacy, not to exploit it.

novnos users who are using web-based email systems may have their outgoing emails forwarded through a third-party email server.

Please also see our General Privacy Policy.